Thursday, April 20, 2006

Baa baa mailman

He brought me some wool!

The box looked promising:

And the contents even more so.

This big bag of wool was used as packing material to return some cds we loaned our friends Jon and Lydia ages ago. Jon writes:

"It used to be attached to someone named Maria. When Maria arrived at [Jon's farmer friend] Pam's farm, in trade for 2 ewe lambs, she hadn't been sheared in a year...the wool is very long. Maria can trace her lineage back to New Zealand, and is apparently quite fancy herself."

Truly, it's gorgeous wool, gray at the base and white at the tips, and even better - it's already washed. Woo-hoo! (I have a front loading washing machine. Wool washing, consequently, happens in the kitchen sink, which makes it a royal pain in the ass.) Look at that staple!

I'm going to try to find out what kind of fancy sheep Maria is. Meanwhile, I'm very, very tempted to take my portable wheel and some of this wool to work, but I don't think that would be entirely conducive to preparing for my evening literature class. (Tonight, A Clockwork Orange, probably also "too old.")

Edit: Maria is a Romney. Pam has a herd of Romney on her farm, Hidden Spring Farm, in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. (The website is under construction, but there's a link for emailing her if you're jealous of my fleece.)

Also, my students did not think Clockwork Orange was too old. No, last night's brilliant insight was that it was "unrealistic." (Thwack, thwack.)


Anonymous Dipsy said...

Oh, what amazing wool! I would have loved to see Maria before shearing - oh, and afterwards as well! Have fun spinning it - can't wait to see what you're going to make with the yarn!

12:47 AM  
Anonymous Patti said...

"Unrealistic?" I think I'd need a good stiff drink to teach your class.

Yes, any pictures of Maria?

10:33 AM  

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