Friday, February 03, 2006

Project Bonanza

I decided to take stock of the projects that I'm current actively working on. Here's the spinning:

On the left we have a cormo/alpaca roving in the process of turning into sock yarn. I hand-painted it during my New Year's Eve fit of wool madness, and it didn't turn out quite like I expected. It looks pretty decent here, but underneath this harmonious layer of autumnal gold, purple, and brown, there are stripes of blue, green, bright orange, and some kind of pukey mixes of all of the above. It's the colorway only a mother could love. On the right is some wool I bought at the Astoria farmer's market over a year ago. I can't remember what kind of wool it is, but I'm guessing Shetland from the texture. I can't decide whether to 2-ply or navajo ply this.

On the left, a sleeve-in-progress and body-in-progress for Carpathian Black Roses from Norsk Strikkedesign. It's hanging out with a Wildfoote sock that is destined for my darling. On the right, the Crofter's Slipover from Folk Vests, out of Rowanspun 4-ply (yay for Elann clearance!). It's ready for me to figure out where the center front is and start the neck steek. Or, it would be ready for that step, if half a row worth of stitches hadn't bailed off the needle last time I pulled it out of its totebag, going all higgelty-piggelty in the process. Urgh.

Left, the Clock swatch/blanket squre. The cables are very, very cool, but it's slow going. On the right, and actual FO! (Yeah, I finished them two years ago, forgot to give them to the intended recepient, and just dug them out last night in a fit of blind panic about an impending baby shower. But they're still finished, so I get to count them.)

Additionally, there are two baby sweaters in progress that are supposed to be surprises, and on the off-chance that anyone actually reads my blog, I'm going to leave them to be surprises.

(If I were honest and forthright, I'd admit to the other lurking projects, the ones that I'm not actively working on. But I'm all for a few lies among friends, so let's pretend that the 8 projects above are really all I have going.)

Unrelated news: I survived another faculty development day. I got approximately 1/4 of a baby sweater done, and I didn't scream at anyone or pound my head on the table.

Stella decided we weren't paying enough attention to her this evening, so she decided to help us with the laundry. Normally, both dogs are very, very good about only playing with designated dog toys, but something was obviously very tempting aboout this sock. T. said that me laughing and taking pictures just encouraged her. But come on, how could I resist?


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