Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oh snowy night...

We are not amused.

We are disgruntled, bitter, and disapproving. This wasn't in the contract when I moved to Seattle.

(There are some folks who migrated here who sometimes say things like "gosh, I miss having 4 seasons. I like winter." I am not one of those people. The normal temperature range of about 45 - 70 is just fine with me.)

Meanwhile, I've diligently continued work on one of the UFO sweaters. I've picked up for the first arm. The pattern is symmetrical both horizontally and vertically (what's the exact word for that?), so the pattern on the sleeve matches up with the pattern on the yoke. Spiffy, eh?

I'm sure the knitting gods are going to strike me down any second, though, because I've decided I know better than Meg Swansen. Her pattern has you do double decreases on the top of the sleeve. I'm doing mine on the underarm seam so they'll be inconspicuous instead of a design feature. There's a good chance that once I've painstakingly knit 20" or so of sleeve, I'll figure out why she put the decreases where she did.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year on the farm

I spent New Year's Eve dogsitting for our friends Lauren and Garth on Bainbridge. I took Stella with me since she's stayed there before. It's kind of fun to have 3 black and white spotty dogs. Note that the pictures are deceptive - they were rarely all this still.

Staying on the wee farm is lovely. This morning I trooped out to the chicken coop and collected two eggs. Then I ate them.

While I do have all those sweaters to finish, it was a tad impractical to tote a mostly-done sweater that requires thought for the next step. So I started a new project, the elegantly names "Scarf with edging 21 and insertion 25 from The Knitted Lace Pattern Book, Thompson Bros, Killmarnock, Scotland, 1850" in Victorian Lace Today. I'm using Malabrigo sock yarn in color they call eggplant. Starting a complicated lace thing while trying to sooth dogs made hysterical by fireworks may not have been the best idea I've ever had, but I persevered and have finished the first repeat of the border.

This morning's big adventure (other than the chicken coop expedition) has been trying to get a fire going. I was a Campfire girl. In theory I know how to start a damn fire in a fireplace. But it's not going well. I'm on my second round of "oh the kindling is burning merrily", but it looks like the logs have once again failed to really get going. Sigh.

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