Sunday, August 06, 2006

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Secret Pal revealed!

I got my last package from my super-cool secret pal, and wow! My pal has been Dorene at 2 Sticks and a String. During the exchange period, she's traveled all over the place, including a really inspiring medical mission to Honduras. (It's the latest entry on her blog.)

The last package included the biggest hatbox yet, with beautifully wrapped stuff inside.

That pretty package with the rainbow ribbon? A shawl. A Kiri shawl, out of Henry's Attic superwash Kona. I was almost late to work because I found it impossible to pry myself away (and it was too hot to wear it to work).

Dorene also sent me two sets of point protectors (great for all the knitting-on-the-go I do) and a package full of pretty beaded stitch markers. Thank you so much, Dorene. It's really been a pleasure.

I'm busy assembling the last bits of my package for my secret pal, then I can finally tell you all about her, too.

In other news

Trent is off in Amsterdam "working" with a UW exchange program. I am mostly managing to contain my bitterness. The pets and I are limping along without him.

Yesterday I attended a fabulous garden party with Ryan and TMK, plus Elaine (not currently updating her blog, sadly) and Bling (can't find the link - sorry), Patti (also now blogless), and special guest Rabbitch! Unfortunately, I don't have pictures, but several pictures were taken, so check with Ryan, Rabbitch and maybe Elaine in the days to come. Rabbitch is as hilarious in person as she is on her blog. TMK barbequed, and there was much laughing, knitting, and admiration of Frankie.

Today I took Stella and Chloe to the Edmonds OLA, which has a beach. Again, no pictures, this time because I thought that cameras and Puget Sound waters don't mix well. The girls loved it, which was great, but I had a moment when I seriously questioned why I love my dogs enough to stand in the Sound, up to my knees in muck and seaweed. They're currently sacked out in the living room. Plans for this evening should include grading some papers, but will most likely involve going over to Nancy's to knit.


Anonymous perkster said...

oh, "to stand in the Sound, up to my knees in muck and seaweed..."

hope you have a rockin' good time while the cat's away! you go knit, girl.

hot and sweaty in the S.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Rabbitch said...

Good to meet you, dude, and you're pretty funny, yourself.

'Twas a great afternoon, no? I'm hoping to get away and impose my presence on those lovely ladies again soon. Like, sooner than a year, which is how often I usually hop over the line.

4:57 AM  

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