Thursday, June 22, 2006

Profound sigh of relief

I'm done grading. Finished. I've never doled out so many F's in living memory, but I can't really help it if my students elect to not turn in papers and don't come to the final exam. Twits. My only remaining official duty is to attend graduation tomorrow and hand out awards to my humanities students.

Now I finally feel like I can start looking forward to our trip. I've been printing confirmations and itineraries and directions and such. I still feel hideously unprepared because we're headed off early Saturday morning and the number of household tasks still undone is...well, menacing. But we'll manage, somehow, I'm sure. The great thing about deciding that we're only carrying small backpacks is that packing won't take long.

The Chloe Report

Ms. Chloe and I went to her first SplashDog appointment on Wednesday. She was delighted to get out of the house and go somewhere fun, and she took to the pool like a duck. (Well, a furry, splashy duck who fetches dog toys, but still very duck-like.) The delightful therapist, J Linn, is confident that the exercise will help Chloe fairly rapidly since she's so willing to swim. Hopefully she'll be back to trotting around the off-leash park soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Splash Girl! Move over, Esther Williams. She looks like she was born for the spa life--

9:00 AM  

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