Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My boringness is endless.

The weekend in the Chicago 'burbs for my non-blogging sister's wedding was a lot of fun. The whole family was there. The weather decided to be friendly for the wedding in the park. I, as usual, failed to take very many pictures...but I did get a couple of choice ones of the bride walking her dog., who attended the wedding.

I'm chugging along on big projects. I've just finished the 3rd of 7 body repeats before I start the yoke on the sweater I'm making Trent. I'm also on sock #2 of a pair of Regia socks for him. Meanwhile, I'm almost at the armhole decreases on Carpathian Black Roses (from Norsk Strikkedesign). I have two problems. One, I'm worried about running out of yarn. Two, the pattern tells you to bind off for the armhole and work the yoke back and forth, which seems completely crazy to me since you steek down the front of the sweater anyway. Is there any reason NOT to add steek stitches and knit it in the round? I can fudge the decreases to work out that way.

I may start another Dulaan item out of the insanely bulky yarn, just to be making something that will go fast.

Other news
I busted another plagiarist. She claims to be perfectly astonished by the idea that she needs to cite sources in her paper. I'm skeptical.

Chloe has been very touchy and yelpy about her back, so we have an 8:00 am vet appointment tomorrow. It will probably involve x-rays. It's a good thing I love her.

I'm reading Olympos by Dan Simmons. I bought and read Illium while traveling last weekend. They're nice meaty books that take me a long time to read. (That's good - I normally read very, very fast, which is problematic when you're on the road.) This particular series is a lot of fun because two of the characters are robots having an ongoing discussion about literary criticism, and the plot manages to mash together space travel, wormholes, and the Illiad. Good stuff.


Anonymous perkster said...

thanks for posting your boringness. to some, it is excitement of the missed friends variety. i am a bit disappointed to see that the dog was not dressed up for the special occassion. for, if you and t. were to wed again now, i am certain that both canines would be wearing some special knitted doggie dressy goodness to show their excitement. ; ) hugs from the "unseasonably cool" S.

8:07 AM  
Blogger Rabbitch said...

She didn't know she had to cite sources? Um, sure. Dude, you can't even blog without linking *g*

So hey, welcome back. I hope you're feeling a bit better.

12:15 PM  

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