Thursday, December 14, 2006

Killer weather!

I'm really going to have to change the subtitle of the blog so it mentions weather, since god knows I seem to post about it all the time. We're currently at home wondering how long the power will be on. I should be at school teaching the final film and lit class of the term, but the power went off at work just before class was due to start.

The wind hasn't been quite as ferocious as our (admittedly hysterical and paranoid) local meteorologists predicted...not yet anyway. According to one forecaster, the worst of it will come late tonight. My favorite visual so far comes from

I think what this map really needs, though, are some "here there be dragons" or "here there be the waves of death" illustrations.

Grace and style
It hasn't been my week for trousers and pockets. First there was the key episode on Monday (thank you for your support). Today's trousers have a hole in the right pocket. While teaching, I tend to wave around my dry erase markers while I'm lecturing. To keep track of them, and also try to limit the number of times that a marker slips out of my fingers and pelts a student, I frequently stick them in my pocket. Since I'm right handed, at some point during today's writing class I forgot about the hole and stuck my marker in my right pocket. A minute later I reached in the pocket, only to discover that the marker had made a break for it.

I kept talking about introductory devices while idly taking a couple of steps to help the marker work its way down. When I felt it slither out past my ankle, I calmly bent down to pick it up, still talking. If any of my students noticed, they were kind enough not to point it out.

Maybe I'll wear skirts all next week.

I finished my second batch of Soaring Eagles Project hats and got them off in priority mail today. It looks like Rachel is going to make her goal of a hat per student, which is fabulous news. I hope she posts pictures of the hat distribution assembly.

In other knitting news, I'm working on the Chicago sock. I still can't seem to concentrate on sweaters. Meanwhile, I'm spinning my second bobbin of Tahiti BFL. Yummy. I can't wait to finish it ('cause, you know, I need more sock yarn).


Blogger Rebecca said...

Whew! Last night was quite a night and the commute in was SO MUCH FUN!

12:02 PM  
Anonymous kmkat said...

I just finished weaving in the ends on my Soaring Eagles hats. Yay, Rachel!

6:49 PM  

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