Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Off the couch

Despite my basic dislike of New Year festivities and (especially) resolutions, I'm joining Rachael's 100 Miles by April 1.

Recently, we've learned that Stella is now old enough to be tired out by a long walk. We've been taking her (every day) to an off leash area and playing fetch. While it does wonders for her, standing in one place and lobbing a tennis ball doesn't do so much for our fat butts. Trent got the ball rolling by hauling her off to Green Lake for several days in a row (Chloe and I went too on Sunday), and, inspired by him and by the gang at Runagogo, Stella and I did 4 miles today. I figured the distance using the very spiffy Google pedometer.

She was hyper hyper hyper when we started. See the mad gleam in her eye?

We headed across Lake City Way and down 35th toward Meadowbrook pond.

There's still some visible damage from the wind storm.

Meadowbrook pond, across from the Meadowbrook Community Center, "is a flood control and water quality project" according to Seattle Public Utilities. But when you're there, it's a lovely, landscaped little park with good bird watching. We saw this one. (Anyone? I need a field guide in the worst way.)

Our route had some hills, and Stella and I both came home tired. Ah, flat doggy.

In other news
I'm finally feeling better. We had the most low-key holiday season ever. We spent NY's eve at home, watching movies and knitting (me) and reading and playing guitar (Trent). I've been knitting a skein of the Fleece Artist sock yarn I got in Chicago into socks for Trent, spinning up more of my roving from Spunky Eclectic, and working on a baby sweater for a pregnant coworker. Pictures will appear when any of those things get done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great blue heron.

glad you are feeling better.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous perkster said...

you should check out the seattle audubon's website, complete with bird profiles and matching up characteristics to identify. the great blue heron is a bird from home--you can see so many in oregon and washington. also, on 520's copper and blue art by the arboretum, you can often see a small heron perched there, keeping watch over my favorite bridge. you know how i love the birdies. : )

7:29 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I'm doing this too! Maybe we should meet up for some dog walking time. I LOVE that you wore Stella out...I seriously did not know that was possible!

9:20 AM  
Anonymous MomFin said...

Lori's a good reference for birds.

Glad you're feeling better.

I know that look in Stella's eye well. I've never met a more persistent dog! Good thing she's loveable!

3:45 PM  

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