Thursday, July 26, 2007


After a spell as "Wumpus," kitty became Amalia today. We named her for Amalia Rodrigues, the fado singer. I took her to our regular vet today for further analysis. Her skin is really clearing up, so the regular vet agrees that it was probably flea dermatitis. She got vaccinations and more dewormer, and has been cleared to meet the other household pets.

However, I've pretty much been at work since then, and Trent wasn't feeling brave, so that hasn't happened yet. I'm expecting chaos. Stay tuned. I'll try to take some quality pictures of cats puffed up and hissing.

Meanwhile, I've limped through another week of work. I enjoy the actual classroom time, especially since I have a pretty good batch of students, but the grading and committees are killing me. My self-evaluation for my annual review was also due this week. I hate writing that damn thing every year. I always sound like a pompous ass to myself. "Allow me to enunciate the myriad aspects of of my exceptional performance and my diverse accomplishments. Also, give me a raise."

I've been getting a bit of sock knitting done while sitting with Amalia, and I pieced another 4 double wrench blocks last night. I had originally intended to make a crib quilt out of those blocks, but I'm really digging them, so I may just keep going.

I'll try for a more colorful post this weekend.


Anonymous perkster said...

oh, poor rudy...

just copy and paste the evals from two years ago and change a few committee names. i like the "also, give me a raise" bit--has a nice ring to it.

hang in there. at least you're in seattle and apparently, have no end to your fur supply. ; )

peeve says purr.

5:18 AM  

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