Monday, July 07, 2008


1. I no longer work for that corporate university where I toiled for the last 5 some-odd years. I cut back to part-time, then I asked to not be scheduled for classes. It's not exactly like quitting - I have to option of going back if I ever want to. That's not a foreseeable future right now, but you never know. I now work mainly at Bernina Northwest, selling sewing machines and teaching people how to use them. I'm having a blast and learning a lot. We also sold enough sewing machines last year that I earned a trip to Switzerland (!) for a big Bernina event, so I'll be headed to Zurich in August.

2. We bought a real sofa. It's being delivered Wednesday. Good bye, dear futon. You've served us well.

3. I'm knitting up a storm these days. It doesn't seem like I'm finishing a lot, but that's because I'm rotating between several projects. I did finish some socks out of handspun BFL:

And I'm making great strides on the Colette sweater:

And I'm making another Spring Lace scarf, this time out of some well-aged linen.

4. I signed up (late) for the Tour de Fleece.

I recently finished up a batch of Romney (from Maria, as discussed here) that had been languishing on the bobbins of my Ashford Joy for ages. I can't face continuing with the Romney right now, so my Tour goal is to conquer 8 oz of the pound (!) of Reflections farm blue wool that I've been slowly spinning into lace weight since last winter. So, 8 oz lace weight singles, 2 plied.

I've just about got a second bobbin equal to the first, so I could ply some, just to break up the monotony. I'm not sure how many ounces I've spun into singles, but since it has to be plied, I'm counting it as TdF spinning.

5. Speaking of spinning wheels, I need to sell the Ashford Joy (portable, single treadle, with bag and 3 bobbins, $400) and my Louet S-10 (single treadle, 3 bobbins, skein winder, $225). I'll provide a starter spinning lesson with either. Contact me at m k morrow at yahoo dot com with interest/questions/etc.

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