Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pink sock problem

Remember the red sweater thing I have going? The other day, when I was hanging the delicate laundry up to dry, I noticed something about my handknit socks: a certain pinkness.

In addition to the 4 pairs pictured here, there's also the pink pair I just finished (that's the leftover yarn in balls above the sock line-up). To the left of the socks, that's the pink BFL I recently finished (intended for socks) and the burgundy Fleece Artist sock yarn I bought myself in Chicago. I'm sort of afraid to go look in the sock yarn stash. What if there's more?

100 miles
I did 3.6 miles with Stella today. We went slower, and she didn't stay flat quite as long when we got home.

I've decided that I'm not going to count the walking that I do normally (morning dog walk around the park, post office, Blockbuster, and so on). Partly that's because it would be a pain keeping track of those little distances, and partly because I want to do the 100 miles above and beyond my normal level of activity. I'm really enjoying getting to know my neighborhood better, too.


Anonymous perkster said...

walking is the best! i'm still exploring my neighborhood and i try to walk it at least 2-3 times each week. when the climate isn't killing me, of course.

i'll walk with you when i visit. omg! i get to visit! imagine all the fud i'll have. mmm...fud. : )

9:19 AM  

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