Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cat fights and aprons

The process of introducing Amalia to the rest of the household is rough. Rudy and Callie came out to sniff at her carrier when I brought her upstairs. She hissed, they hid under the bed. Eventually, I let her out to explore. She cried, they skulked and hid under the futon. They came out, they hissed, she hissed, I got scratched, everyone howled, and the dogs started barking furiously downstairs.

Today we skipped the hissing, and Rudy and Callie went straight to hiding. Amalia paced around howling at me. She doesn't understand why I'm not sitting down and making a lap. After she got ejected from my lap at the sewing machine, she got even by finding the most annoying place she could be at the moment.

No matter how it looks in the second picture, I am not actually ironing the cat.

I relocated her to a pile of quilts-in-progress. She stayed happily for awhile. Eventually, I returned her to the garage so Rudy and Callie could feel free to come back out for awhile. I'm really thinking that Amalia may need a home with someone who isn't already besieged by loving animals that want to be in her lap. If anyone knows of a good potential home for a very sweet lap cat (vaccinated and rapidly recovering from the flea-induced skin trauma), please let me know by emailing mkmorrow at

Yesterday I hung out with Nancy. She's been sewing super-stylish aprons, so I finally got off my butt and made one that I've been meaning to sew. This is the Clothespin Apron by Mary Mulari. It's a fun pattern, although I had a bit of trouble squeezing it out of the yard of each fabric that the pattern called for, I think because this fabric isn't really 44" wide - more like 42" washed, and you need the extra 2" to cut the neck strap. I just pieced the neckstrap. The apron is completely reversible, and the contrast band on the bottom edge is pockets.

Here's a close up of the fabric. Chickens!



Anonymous perkster said...

you need another cat/dog like you need to be audited.

tell trent to tell dave b. to post it on the forum and also to post to ichat.

she's cute--looks a lot like peeve--but she's "the temp" i hope (for all your family's sake.

wow! the sewing!

6:15 PM  

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