Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Don't drink and sew

And if you do drink and sew, and then knock over your glass of white wine, be really grateful that you just dumped WHITE wine all over your quilt blocks. The vaguely boozy smell is much easier to deal with than red stains would be.
These, by the way, are the ever growing double wrench blocks (current number: 26), some of the victims in last night's tragic wine spill. (It was tragic because it was the end of the bottle, not because there was permanent damage.) Rudy decided to assist me in the layout and photography of these blocks.
I've also started a Star Struck quilt from Quiltville. (As an aside, wowza. Bonnie is incredibly generous to maintain and share so many patterns with the public.) So far I have 36 of them (although the picture below only shows the first 19). The pattern says you need 396 or something like that for a full-size quilt. Hee hee hee. And to think, I started sewing again because it led to faster gratification than knitting.
The Star Struck started out as a scrap quilt, using up leftovers from the first baby quilt and some fat quarters I bought in the first flush of quilt fabric frenzy. After I chopped all of those up, I thought it could use some more variety. (I've rapidly learned that I'm in the "more fabrics better" camp in quilting.) Yesterday I visited The Quilting Loft and added 9 more fabrics to the collection. They'll get cut tonight, unless I decide to be responsible and grade literature papers.

I had a sweet surprise at the Quilting Loft yesterday. They ask for your name when you're rung up (because they keep track of your purchases in their database to reward you after you've mortgaged your firstborn). When I told them mine, they said "Oh, we have something for you." I was flummoxed. Did I leave something there in the past? They handed me an envelope with a lovely plump gift certificate, courtesy of Trent. He was out and about yesterday, and knew I'd be hitting the store, so he stopped by and left it for me. Say it with me: Awwwwwww.

In cat news, it's pretty much the cold war. We don't leave Amalia out and about unless one of us can supervise. Rudy actually emerged from under the bed last night to hang out in the hall and glare at Amalia, which had no discernible effect since she was curled up sleeping. We may have a potential home for her, but it's one of Trent's students who is currently on an exchange program and won't be home for three more weeks. Eep.


Anonymous frazzled perkster said...

flummoxed = lurve : )

i dream of zoom grooming rudy and callie and of eating at your table and learning to sew my own clothes and a peeve quilt and oh, yeah, that sweater to knit...

next friday seems an eternity from here with all the lovely stuff at work. but i will survive like gloria gaynor says.

peeve and i are to fly home on sept. 27th *though i do not yet know which part of the area i'm moving to, pending job interviews) and my house goes on the market next week. breathe...

5:42 AM  
Anonymous kmkat said...

I think that club soda, poured onto a fresh spill, will remove red wine stains. Not that I would know, you understand, I never spill my wine :)

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Linda "K" said...

Okay Okay, missed you at Ferals and if there is any more sewing chat I'll be forced to run out and start buying fiber and I've been holding off for years now. I DID stop by Britex in San Francisco to get some silk georgette to make Dupatta shawls with...but that doesn't count. I'll bring it next time. Now get your sewing heinie over to Rachel's "Yarn-a-go-go" blog off Mossy Cottage's favorites and link to that cute shopping bag thing. You should have two or three done by dinner time right? Amalia will fit nicely inside one.

3:30 PM  

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