Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Increasingly headlong

Trent leaves for the Netherlands Sunday. I leave for Switzerland Tuesday. It seemed very far away, but tonight I started seriously thinking about what needs to get done before we head out, and I completely freaked out. It was productive, at least. I now have a packing list and know what I need to shop for. (New black leather walking shoes, and a raincoat.) I also started the housecleaning. We've been putting it off because we only want to do it once, and we create mess at such a prodigious rate that cleaning at the last possible moments makes sense.

The last possible moments are rapidly arriving.

So, there are copies of the keys to be made and distributed, pet and house sitters to contact and make final arrangements with, and giant dust buffalo to round up. There's also yet more shopping for the above-mentioned items, and some work stuff I have to finalize. Trent's even more crazed than me, since he's trying to prepare a class as well as a month away from home (I'll only be gone two weeks).

It doesn't help at all that I'm obsessed with the Olympics. I really like things like rowing, that they broadcast overnight on the USA network. Sadly, obsession doesn't make up for lack of sleep.

Free sewing projects
Remember the martini apron? I wrote up the instructions for it and an apron with more of a utility-belt heritage.

You can download instructions Bernina Northwest's website - the link is currently on the front page in the midst of the Needle Expedition instructions.

New couch
I'm such a bad blogger. We finally got a real couch, and I didn't manage to take a picture in its pristine state. It promptly became covered with the usual riff-raff: books, knitting, dogs.

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