Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Olympics Day Something

Yeah, I've lost track already. Oops. I think the panic caused by the ticker on the Yarn Harlot's blog might have wiped out my ability to keep track of dates.

Knitting is proceeding apace. I've been having a lot of right shoulder pain because of extensive computer use at work, but knitting makes it better, not worse. I've divided for the armholes, and once again ignored the instructions. You're supposed to break the yarn off, rejoin and continue work on the back. I hate sewing in ends with a fairly intense passion, so there was no way I was going to break off that perfectly good yarn that was hanging out at the right front. The fronts have to be knit anyway, so why not start there?

I figured out why as I kept going. There's a big, complicated, and finite chart for the back. If you knit the back first, you just knit the whole damn chart without worrying about the actual measurements of your knitting, then just knit the fronts to the same length. Since I'm starting with a front, I'm going to have to make decisions about length, and hope that whatever I pick won't result in the back chart stopping at a dorky place.

Anyway, here's where I am on the right front - currently about 15 inches total of knitting, and I figure another 5-6 inches for the front will be about right.

Just as a side note, finding a place to take the picture (that wasn't covered in junk mail, grading, dog hair, cat hair, or dogs or cats) involved serious effort and rearranging. It's possible that I should take a knitting break and, oh, run the vacuum cleaner at some point. Just a thought.

I got email from Team Nancy this morning. She was through the ribbing and half a lace repeat on sock one, but planned to make extensive progress today (it was her day off). Dorothy and Kathleen are both zooming along. No word from Jamie.


I had to be at work from 8-6 today, which meant I left at 7 this morning. Consequently, not only was I incredibly tired and cranky, but since I had our one vehicle the dear, sweet doggies didn't get to go to the dog park today. Here's what most of the evening looked like at our house:

Why, yes, Chloe can completely wrap her jaws around Stella's neck. Stella doesn't seem to mind. I don't know why this constitutes fun in the dog world, but it's sure entertaining to watch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Team Nancy has two whole pattern repeats!

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Dorothy said...

the vest is looking great, Melinda!

here's a knitting question if I may. I am just about finished with the back of my sweater. (yay!) being stockinette it is all rolled up. So I really really want to block the back as soon as it is bound off. Is that bad?

I know I need to match the lengths of various bits to the front, but preblocked that would be difficult anyway. I figured I would be better off counting rows than inches. And I figure that I can always reblock it a bit when I am done with the rest and ready to assemble.

instructions always say to block at the end. am I missing some reason why I couldn't block (and admire) my first piece?

the hand-painted, variegated, with variations even within a dye-lot yarn is doing some unexpected things. I didn't know what to expect anyway, and was prepared to love it no matter what, as I love the whole color palette. But the result is ... interesting... will have to plan carefully to get the front to match.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

I'm buzzing right along because Dorothy says I should count my crocheted booties in my total - so I will!

I got my new preemie looms and did up one sock last night even the heel (which the instructions said may take some getting used to but didn't as far as I was concerned)... but if that's a preemie sock than I'm a little green martian!

Pictures later on the blog...

Dorothy, interesting patterns are good, right? If it ends up being a piece of art rather than clothing, you can alsways frame it and hang it on the wall. LOL!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

Hi Melinda, just wanted to say I got the blogging bug and published my first post. You can now view my olympic knitting and more by following the link to my profile and thus to my blog.

5:25 PM  

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