Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympics: One week in

Nancy came over for dinner, knitting, and Olympics tonight, along with her sweetie, Dan. I made Pasta E Fagioli from the Cook's Illustrated recipe, except I used guanciale from Salumi instead of pancetta. It was damn tasty. Nancy brought salad and an array of delicious cheeses.

Nancy was about halfway down the heel flap of sock 1 when she left tonight. The Embossed Leaves socks don't use a special heel stitch - just stockinette with a 3 stitch garter border on both sides. The Cashsoft is so thick and plushy that extra reinforcement probably isn't required.

Here are Dan, Nancy, and Chloe on the couch. Nancy has stylishly coordinated her sweater with the sock she's knitting, and Chloe is graciously contributing dog hair to the project.

I've finished one front and am working my way up the back. The charts have started to seem logical to me. I haven't exactly memorized the pattern, but I can figure out what comes next with just a glance at the charts, usually. The back pattern is looking cool, although I'm a little concerned about that twisted stitch panel in the center leaning to the right.

We have DirecTV, not cable, which means I don't get Canadian coverage, so we were stuck with NBC. I wanted to smack Bob and that other blowhard as they went on (and on and on) about Lindsey Jacobellis's screw-up. C'mon guys, she's 20, and it's freakin' snowboarding - it's not like she whiffed a crucial peace-making mission. Ice dancing also disapointed. Why, oh why, did the compulsory dance have to be a waltz? Nancy and I did get some bitchiness mileage out of the costumes, although none of the ice dancers' costumes began to approach the hideous crimes committed by the men in last night's competition.

I have to go in to work tomorrow morning from 8-10 (yes, on a Saturday) to hear student presentations, then zoom home, change clothes, and head to Northacres for the dog park work day. Chloe and Stella find the prospect exhausting.


Blogger Dorothy said...

The vest is looking great! Won't blocking help with the back looking even? I don't see the lean in the photo, btw.

since it seems she put lots of intelligence into the pattern, probably the end result will be balanced?

The only reason to watch ice dancing was to rag on the costumes. I couldn't figure out if that one woman's flesh colored part was ripped on purpose or not. Strange effect.

8:35 AM  

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