Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sock progress

I'm on the toe decreases on sock 1. I had a moment of panic in which I became convinced that the deadline was April 1, not the end of April, but I checked the guidelines again and was reassured. I've only been working on the sock because knitting time has been a little scarce. Going around and around in stockinette is very soothing.

One of the Cirque du Socks knitalongers, Elspeth, has declared Friday, March 31st, "WIP it out day." Stay tuned for embarrasing revelations from the closet.

One last music review: the Beth Orton show was good. We haven't seen her in almost 8 years, and she's changed a lot. The show was surprisingly rockin' for someone I think of as being basically a folky. Her voice was about half shot (she was swilling Throat Coat through the whole show), but she still sounded pretty damn good, and it was great hearing old songs reworked and the new stuff live. It was at the Showbox, which is a mammoth club compared to the Tractor, so it's necessarily a more distant show. Trent and I were both completely bushed today, so there were naps.


Anonymous Elaine said...

Nice sock, I think the unintentional white stripe does something extra for it. I'll have to go check out Elspeth's WIP it out...not sure I can handle the embarrassment.

12:06 PM  

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