Monday, March 20, 2006

Dulaan knit-in

On Sunday, Ryan, Elaine, Dorothy, and Nancy came over to hang out and knit for Dulaan. We had a ball. First, there was food. I made a pot of meaty chili (with special secret ingredients), and a pot of Brazilian Black Bean Soup (from the Moosewood). I also had a collection of yummy cookies from our delightful local Iranian bakery, Minoo. Ryan showed up with a folding table, a cheesecake, and a bag of cheetos (mmmm, orangey goodness). Elain came bearing delish puff pastry treats that Ryan dubbed "cheesy boobs". (I'm sad that I don't have pictures to illustrate why.) Nancy and Dorothy turned up with mimosa fixings.

I had piled up all my Dulaan-able stash and was hoping that some of it would go away. While Ryan and Dorothy took a few things, Elaine left some, so I'm not sure there was a net loss. Dammit. If any reasonably local people need fresh yarn for their charity projects, let me know and you can come pilfer through the stash.

Here's Elaine (wearing her beautiful Olympic Gold project):

Dorothy, basking in the afternoon sun and hard at work:

Ryan, looking unusually serious for someone eating cheesecake and receiving the devotion of Chloe.

I somehow failed to take a picture of Nancy.

Nancy, Dorothy, and Elaine all worked on Cloud Hats, while I finished the body of my "cloud sweater" (wool-ease from a big bag that my sister gave me stranded with mohair). I couldn't handle sleeves with company, so I started a wee cloud hat toward the end of the festivities. I was so inspired that I finished it last night (while watching the midnight rerun of CSI: Miami. Late night television really is a wasteland).

In my post-knit-in frenzy, I also finished the second Child's First Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks.

Now I can start my Cirque du Socks with a clean conscience. That's sparkly pink yarn, y'all.

The poor doggies were completely flattened after all the exciting company. (I know the attendees won't believe this, but Stella really does sleep sometimes.)


Anonymous Elaine said...

I love the sparkly pink goodness of your new sock yarn! Thank you for hosting the knit-in; I had a wonderful time.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

Do sparkly sock's help you find your way in the dark? What fun. Someday I want to try the magic loop's thing. Two circular's just seem too confusing.

Thank's for the knit-in and the yummy food and tea that reminded me of Pari's. I enjoyed getting to meet everybody and playing with the pooch's.

(see, the apostrophe is so totally NOT going to disappear :)

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

GREAT Knit-In, Melinda! When's the next one?

(You'd think ONE of us would've thought to take a blog photo of the "cheesy boobs!")

4:08 PM  

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