Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Knitting and Procrastinating


Monday night found me at the Feral Knitters meeting at Third Place Books, thanks to Karen putting me on the mailing list. It was great fun. Ryan and Rebecca were there, among many others. Everyone was working on gorgeous, gorgeous things. Nancy even turned up, well on her way to sock 2 of her Olympic goal. (Shut up. We do not acknowledge these mundane deadlines. She'll earn gold when she's good and ready.) I managed to make a little progress on Crofter's, although I had to pick out half a row of knitting because I hadn't managed to line up the peerie pattern correctly.

I also finished some spinning on Monday night. This is some wool I bought at the Astoria farmer's market quite a while ago. I think it might be Shetland, but I'm not sure. It was really, really neppy, so I just decided it was going to be textured. It's not as drab as it looks in this picture.

I realized after taking the above picture that the handspun is really getting kind of menacing. Here's what's in the yarn room (also known as the guest bedroom). This is just the recent stuff that hasn't made it to long term storage yet (or even medium-term storage, also known as my bedside table). I guess I need to knit something with some of this, huh?

Today I finished sock 1 of Trent's Wildfoote socks (color "Rock and Roll"). Yes, I know it looks funny. The leg is 2x2 ribbing, and he has really tall heels. Trust me, they fit.

I get to go to my knitting group's annual retreat in California on Thursday morning. I can hardly wait, and consequently I spent huge chunks of today fussing over what knitting I would take.


Okay, I haven't been too bad about this. I'm making slow but steady progress toward revising the course materials for film and lit. I should be able to finish the online development tomorrow, read The Godfather over the weekend (yeah, right), and finish watching the movie umm....sometime. It'll work out. Really. Oh, yeah, I need to figure out what I'm covering during the 4 hour SAT prep session I'm doing a week from Saturday. I'm sure this will all happen. Somehow.


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