Thursday, March 16, 2006

Vest Modelling Shots!

Mom sent me pictures of the vest in action:

In other news...well, there's not much. It's the first week of my academic term, and it's been busy bordering on frantic. Much of this is my fault for not getting more done over the break, but I needed the mental holiday. I'm teaching an SAT prep session on Saturday (all freakin' day) that we're doing as a marketing effort to get high school students in, and things will ease up a bit after that.

I've barely knit since the retreat. I was working on Trent's second rainbow sock while watching The Godfather the other night in preparation for teaching it in my film and lit class. Trent came by and commented that they're now "the socks I can't refuse." I told him that I'd give him the socks, but at some point in the future I'd ask a favor.... (Yes, we found this funny. Yes, we're easily amused.)


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