Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sock progress

That's my hand modelling the sock. I've just started the heel flap.

The white stripe was a surprise. I'm pretty sure it's a dye mistake, but I decided that it gave the sock a certain quirky character, so I knit it instead of breaking the yarn and skipping ahead. (That decision had nothing to do with my pathological hatred of ends.) I'm a wee bit concerned that the sparkly bits will make these socks itchy, but hopefully not.

I intended to make toe-up socks for my Cirque du Socks project, but I found myself a Ferals on Monday night with yarn and two circular needles, but no directions or guidance for toe-up socks. I wanted to get started, so top-down it is. I'm finding them very soothing to knit. They seem to be going really fast, but I don't know if that's the circular needles, the amount of time I've devoted to them, or the magic pink sparkly yarn.

Good Music
My fabulous local independent radio station, KEXP, broadcast from South by Southwest in Austin last week. They had some killer live performances. Billy Bragg is especially worth checking out while the entire session is available in the streaming acrchives because the interview bits were so entertaining. He's opinionated, funny, and delightfully English. The performance started at about 1:05 pm on March 16. It will be on the streaming archives for another week, after which the songs will still be available but not the interview bits.


Blogger KSD said...

Thanks for commenting on my little sock on the Cirque site --- counseling indeed! Elaine was a regular cheerleader. (And prodder and threat-whisperer, truth be told.) Your sock looks terrific!

3:17 PM  
Blogger Elisabeth said...

Oooohhh the sparkles are so pretty!

I find knitting using the Magic Loop goes faster than dpns. I think this may be because every time I come to the end of a dpn, I mysteriously lose one and have to hunt around in the couch to find it so I can knit the next one.

4:35 PM  

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