Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The musical weekend was very satisfying. Michael Fracasso stayed with us, as he has on several trips to Seattle in the past. The best part about housing Michael is that he usually sits around and plays guitar for awhile in the morning. Trent was very, very happy.

Michael's show was great, but woefully underattended. The promoters, Four Sheep, are a completely charming West Seattle couple who have embarked on a non-profit mission to bring good shows to their 'hood. The shows are held at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, which is a lovingly converted school that now houses various arts organizations and provides live/work space for artists. The theater is a really nice concert venue with good acoustics. If you're reasonably local, and you like music, get thee to the Four Sheep website and check out their upcoming shows.

In other company news, my parents are coming to visit on Oct. 28. Hi, Mom! I'm very excited. I'm also suddenly aware of the clutter. Boxes that landed in the hallway two years ago when we moved in and ran out of unpacking energy are still there. Pens, magazines, and yarn bits cover practically every surface. Inertia is such a powerful force that I'm just not sure I have the energy to overcome those long established stacks of stuff.

Random bits
The knitting that's going on lately is mostly gift knitting, so no pictures to share.

It's the end of the academic term for me and that means grading. Yee-haw.

I can't freakin' believe that Jeffrey won Project Runway. Aside from my completely mixed feelings about him as a person, his collection was just ugly. The judges kept saying things like "cohesive", and Melissa (friend, sings with Trent, came over to watch finale) and I kept saying "cohesively HIDEOUS."

At least Melissa had Chloe to comfort her. My dog is a ho.


Blogger Camera Obscura said...

The Project Rungay guys were not surprised. Not their fave, tho.

Mom showing up as much as she does means I have to keep my piles small enough to shift and hide... (grin -- luvya, Ma!)

10:03 AM  
Anonymous kmkat said...

About the piles of stuff. Just keep at it, xx minutes per day. It's amazing how much can get done relatively painlessly if you just do a certain amount on a regular basis.

And when you're done? C'mon over to my house and motivate me...

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Mom said...

To my blogging daughters,
May I remind you that paybacks are always forthcoming.

6:07 PM  

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