Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Tea has landed

Tea Swap

Today I got my package from my Tea Swap pal, Tawana. She wrapped everything, so I had the pleasure of anticipation.

Here's everything:

That's 2 tins of tea from Alice's Tea Cup in New York: Inspiration, a peppermint rosehip tea, and Monk's Blend, a super yummy black tea that I've already tried. It's delicious (and my husband doesn't like it, so it's all mine!). There's also a box of Lipton decaf (Tawana's childhood drink, and my family's fave for iced tea), chocolate wafers, and chocolate mint wafers. The box of T-sac filters is going to be fabulous for travel and work. Then there are these totally cute stitch markers:

And yarn. I'm so in love with both of these. The fun pink and purple is hand-dyed superwash sock yarn from J. Knits, and the beautiful ocean colors are another hand paint that Tawana found on etsy. These make me want to drop everything and knit myself socks.

I have finally put together the package to send to my pal, and I hope to get it off in the mail tomorrow. I spun my pal yarn. I was seduced by the colors of the roving, but I didn't realize how that little streak of sparkly stuff was going to make the whole damn skein sparkly. I hope he doesn't hate it. I'm a wee bit obsessive about giving people gifts that they'll absolutely positively like, and I'm fretting about this.

In other news, we're adding a second car to our household. We resisted as long as we could, but it's just gotten too inconvenient. So, tonight we're going to officially acquire a 1990 Honda Civic for Trent to drive. He's already referring to it as the ratmobile, despite the fact that it's really been well-maintained and is clean and kinda cute, in an early 90's Honda kind of a way. He's on dog park duty tomorrow, so it's going to be covered in dog hair soon enough.


Anonymous perkster said...

wow. a second car. big step, y'all. can you fit it in the garage with all the bikes and beer? dogs will be happy to break in said vehicle, i'm sure. oh, and re. the blue with sparkles: being the boy representative, i say let the guys have a little sparkle here and there. let it be an inspiration and a challenge to incorporate. perhaps he's been hoping to one day be bold enough to purchase a little sparkle, and you, the little tea angel, will be answering his silent plea. if not, he can knit something for me since blue is my favorite color and i lack sparkle. so there. ; p

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

wow. Tea envy, right here. Nice job on the sparkle-blue. Pretty! He'll love it.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous MomFin said...

Sparkle blue is kicky! Be sure to let me know what he does with it. Tea sounds yummy. I'll be out soon to try it!

5:56 PM  

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