Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All the news that's remotely interesting

The cloud of bitchiness that was afflicting my workplace last week seems to have wafted north to hover over Rabbitch. Sorry 'bout that. I'm sure it will come back here by Friday, when I have an all-day faculty development meeting.

Last night was a Feral Knitters meeting. Lots of people were there, and I even took pictures. Look at this hive of knitting and spinning activity! (That's TMK behind the bag of red roving.)

I spent the evening sitting next to June, designer of the very cool tea cozy. She had wonderful stories, and generously shared stitch markers when I needed them. I've reached armhole decreases, and hence the fancy patterning, on Black Roses. I'd show you another picture, but it's too smushed up on the needles for the latest knitting to show.

I've also been working on Christmas presents. Here's sock #1 for my niece (who, I'm told, isn't likely to see the blog). Sock #2 is in the home stretch of the foot.

I'm spinning for my tea swap pal. This is bobbin #2 - I've already got the first ply spun.

Last night, after Ferals, I finished knitting the sleeves for the garter stitch avalanche jacket. Pictures will follow once it's assembled. Currently, the sleeves are serving as a Stella pillow.

What else has been going on? I found myself going out to be social every single night this weekend, which was fun but exhausting. Friday night was a going-away party for our former neighbor Michael, who is moving to San Antonio. Saturday evening found us in Fremont to hear the Opossum Wranglers, who were great fun. Then, Sunday we had dinner with our friends Paul and Melissa. 'Tis the social season, apparently.


Anonymous perkster said...

oh, to have socks that are so cool...and to be social (and enjoy the fud that ensued...) i am tres jealous! love and hugs from the land where everything, i mean fucking everything, is controversial! ; )

4:30 PM  
Anonymous MomFin said...

Should I make Stella her very own pillow or would she still use your knitting?

What is behind the name "Feral" as in Feral Knitters?

6:19 PM  
Blogger Valerie said...

* darling * niece sock! Love the little dongles. I'm tempted to steal that idea. I use those on hats, but never thought of using them with socks.

10:42 AM  

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