Sunday, August 19, 2007

Conclusions and introductions

The end of the Amalia saga
Her Royal Highness the World's Most Expensive Stray Cat, Amalia, has gone to a new home. She was pried out of her chair

Stuffed in a carrier

And went home with her new person, the lovely and delightful Erin.

So there's a happy end to my good deed for the year. (edited to add: no matter how pissy Amalia looks in all those pictures, she likes Erin and is doubtless sitting on her lap even as I write this.)

Approaching the end of a quilt
I spent most of yesterday evening turning 361 quarter blocks into 180 half blocks (with a quarter left over), which I'm now combining to make 90 whole Star Struck blocks. Here's a few of them laid out. I'm hoping the star pattern will show up better when they're actually sewn together instead of just flopped out on the bed.

Now on MySpace!
Trent has asked me to let y'all know: he now has his very own MySpace page, where you can hear his tunes. You can find it here, or there's a link over there in the sidebar. Also, for those of you here in the Seattle area, Trent and Misty will be performing on August 31 at Mr. Spots' Chai House in Ballard. Our friends the Ensemble Sub Masa are also playing.

Coming soon to your local Bernina Dealer
I'm going to start teaching some classes at Bernina Northwest in October. I'm very excited (not least of all because I get employee discount). I'll inflict more details on you as I get them.

Homeward bound
Our dear friend Jenine (aka my commenter, Perkster) is moving back to the Seattle area after a stint in Arkansas. She needs an apartment, and it looks like the rental market is pretty tight right now. If any of you locals know of a vacancy convenient to UW-bound buses, please let me know and I'll pass it on.


Anonymous perkster said...

thanks! and my 14 year old cat with 4 teeth thanks you, too!

(otherwise known as the "save trent and melinda from having to add one tired librarian and one old cat who would adjust even more poorly than amalia (that was cake) as house guests campaign!)

cannot wait to see you t+m and of course, to start going to live music again and eating eating eating between multiple hugs. : )

4:45 AM  
Blogger mereth said...

just read the entire Amalia saga, and think you've earned some brownie points from the universe. I have a rescuing gene too, if left unchecked I'd probably end up one of those batty old women with 32 cats, 14 dogs and a decrepit horse in the backyard.
Bonnie's patterns are great and your star-struck is coming along nicely, keep at it!

6:24 PM  

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