Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quilts and cats, part #13779

It's been a hellaciously busy week. Amalia drama continues. After a spell of good health, she stopped eating and became increasingly listless. We've been to the vet three times this week, and we still don't know what's wrong. Blood tests came back normal, so now they're running another viral panel and a urinalysis. Meanwhile, she'll only eat stinky meat baby food in microscopic quantities, and I'm once again giving her antibiotics. The upside is that I'm getting really good at poking syringes down the cat's throat. I'm considering this my charitable contribution to the universe for the year (or maybe the decade, at the rate we're stacking up vet bills).

Here's a happy family shot from before she became feeble. She's willing to be in the presence of dogs if she has a lap to sit on.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the Star Struck quilt. I can't remember how many blocks I have now - somewhere between 100-200. I also finished up the bright baby quilt:

While I was photographing it something very predictable happened.

Oh well, I needed to wash it anyway.

Note to my Feral friends: I miss y'all. My work schedule means that I'm now in transit and at work from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on Mondays (and I'm sure it will be later with the upcoming delights of road construction), and I've been just too wiped out to get back in the car and come. I'll try harder.

Special note for Linda K.: You want to start sewing again. What else will you do with all that fabric? Besides, I need a partner in quilting crime.


Anonymous perkster said...

i took care of a kitty for a friend who moved once and was going to send her via airplane in a week or two when the summer heat wave had passed. no matter what i did, she wouldn't eat after doing fine for several days and ended up starving herself until she eventually, well, you know, left for kitty heaven. the owner and the vet and i decided that the change and missing her doggie companion as well as her family was just too much to bear. it is, apparently, a common sort of "survival" technique and it's terribly sad when it happens. i hope your new kitty adapts to the pet filled household, but i worry that if you've experienced such a sharp decline that there may not be anything you can do to help her adjust. poor thing. and your poor checkbook. keep me posted. and please, resend posts to find her a home--maybe a no pet home could save her? i dunno. just a thought.

besides you and trent, i miss rudy the most and i love that picture so much. he's my man and i'm gonna zoom groom him like he's never been zoom groomed before. peeve says purr to her cousin.

we're hanging in--mostly living on incredible waves of stress and worry. it's 105 today with 95% humidity--brain is mush.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Linda "K" said...

ACK! No! No enablement! I could give the fabric to YOU with right of first refusal.....

10:10 PM  

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