Sunday, November 11, 2007

House concert

We hired a security professional for our house concert. We wouldn't want any ruffians spoiling the show.

Trent and Misty performing. They did a short set and sounded great. (That is of course my unbiased opinion as wife and friend.)

Michael Fracasso performing. He was amazing, as we expected, performing both old and new songs.

Michael, merch-girl Jenine, and Trent. There's a story here. Our friend Jenine asked for a job at the house concert. Since we already had Chloe as security, we asked her if she'd do the cd sales for Michael. Jenine has amazing sales skills, and sold more cds to our guests than Michael sold on any other night of his tour - so he gave her the shirt off his back, and that's the shiny silver shirt Jenine is wearing here.

So, to summarize: great music with a fun party in the comfort of our own home. Next time, y'all should come over.

(There is some sewing and knitting going on, but there are also ongoing shoulder problems, so progress is slow and computer time limited.)

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Anonymous perkster said...

it was a great show! i was happy to be the sexy door girl, but the pbs merch girl thing worked out even better. i'm so totally wearing that shirt to tday dinner witcha. : )

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Linda "K"I said...

Dahlink! Are you reading the blog? I'll be in Amsterdam for a second chance at your sugary thing of choice in January. Remind me of the name of it! At the rate I'm going I may run out of yarn and have to start hand-quilting to keep the hands busy.

Best, Linda "K"

4:54 AM  

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