Sunday, September 16, 2007

Living up to the title

In true headless chicken fashion, I've been running around in circles this week. There's work, of course, complete with huge piles of papers I haven't graded. Then there's knitting. Since I'm teaching the bat shawl class at Pacific Fabrics, they needed a sample. They don't carry the yarn I used for the book's shawl, so I cranked out another sample in La Gran Mohair, which they do carry, so I could figure the yardage for that yarn. I finished knitting the shawl body at 1:00 am, then knit the choker this morning. I bought a button and sewed it on at the store, handed over the shawl, and then ran off to Bernina for sales floor training. I still need to finish making messenger bag samples for Bernina, but there are those pesky papers, and committees, and other worky stuff. Aargh.

So I don't have any fun pictures or new projects to show you, since the sample shawl went straight to the store without passing go or collecting $200 or any of that. Also, it's gray and dreary here. (That's pretty much unrelated to the previous statement, but is related to a certain lack of fun in the atmosphere.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please write more! Your blog is great!

8:47 PM  
Anonymous perkster said...

you're gonna love my new boss! :D

8:45 PM  

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