Sunday, October 07, 2007


First, I apologize for the long silence. Not only has life been crazy-busy, but I'm having excruciating shoulder pain. Sitting at the computer is very, very painful, and since I have to sit at the computer for my work (papers to be graded, you know), recreational computing has been limited.

Knitting is also painful in long stretches, so I've been very slowly knitting socks. It's not exciting.

Sewing, however, is not too bad as long as I remember not to hunch over at the sewing machine. I concocted a messenger bag pattern awhile ago (the black one with the pink polka dots and baby rick rack, which you can see two posts down), and since then I've made three more. I have fabric on deck for a fifth bag. It's kind of an illness.

The finished version of the unfinished bag two posts down. This one uses needle-felted wool and couched sock yarn. It also has spiffy lining. (Remember, you can click to embigify the pictures.)

More couched yarn, and more spiffy lining.

Velveteen with ribbon, and yet more fun lining. I'm thinking about using the leftover ribbon to make a big silly flower on this one.

Shameless self-promotion: I'm teaching a messenger bag class at Bernina Northwest on November 9 from 3-6 p.m. You'll get the pattern and suggestions for techniques. You can borrow one of the store machines, even. You can call to register: 206-523-4739.

I also made a lovely, lined swing jacket. Unfortunately, it turns out that this style makes me look round. Fortunately, it looks adorable on my best friend Nancy. It will be going to live with her as soon as I run the buttonholes.

And, just because no post is complete without gratuitous pet photos: I bought Stella a squeaky rubber chicken at Target. It's hours of amusement for both of us.

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Anonymous Linda "K" said...

As always, you are prolific beyond belief! And you have a day job! Sheesh!

The swing jacket would flatter you just fine if it were longer...really it would...

Trixie too has a new squeakie and it's so much fun to have the house filled with happy squeaks.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Gail said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder pain...whatever it is that keeps you from your knitting. What a frustration!

Sending healing thoughts your way....

1:58 PM  

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