Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More fun than it should be

My friend Nancy has a nephew who hunts, and who proudly announced to the family at the last gathering that he had cooked and eaten the squirrel he bagged. Nancy decided to commemorate his skills in his Christmas present, a manly apron. Our twisted senses of humor + embroidery capabilities on my Bernina = probably sick, but really funny.

In progress:

Completed (the colors are a bit washed out here):

That's about the most fun I've had lately. I'm trying to wrap up grading for the term, which is slow going (mostly because I avoid it as much as possible). All my other sewing projects are presents for people who may read this blog, and hence can't be discussed. (Hi, y'all!)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

* A most memorable Christmas present.

* I covet your Bernina.

* Squirrel is extremely tough, best roasted, ground, mixed with mayo and celery and onion, and eaten as a sandwich spread. Not that I would know...

2:04 PM  
Anonymous perkster said...

i object to my furry friends being thought of as tasty. i heart the squirrelies and remain their faithful advocate. ; )

i'm putting this post out of my mind so as to be in denial about such things.

thinking about possums in the south was the limit...

9:33 AM  

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