Sunday, January 06, 2008

What I did during the holidays

December was something of a blur. It was the end of an academic term (the last one during which I will be teaching college full time). We celebrated my birthday and our 8th wedding anniversary. My mother had to be hospitalized with major intestinal issues, so I got to do a lot of worrying long distance. She was released a few days before Christmas, so she was home, but still flattened, when we got to my hometown of Springfield, Missouri on Christmas day.

My parents have retired to the house where I grew up. It was a little freaky being back there, but it was also kind of nice. Trent liked Springfield, despite the sad unavailability of our preferred veggie sausages (Gardenburger breakfast sausage). They've built a delightful greenway (the Galloway Creek Greenway) that begins a couple of blocks from my parent's house, just across the street from my elementary and junior high school.

I was seriously worried about mom while she was hospitalized, and so I decided to make her a quilt for Christmas. It started out as a table runner, but I decided the blocks were too boring for that, and it would make a cool quilt. The block is a puss in the corner variation, and the finished quilt is a nice couch-nap size at about 68 x 78". Here it is pre-quilting, with cat assistance:

And here it is in its new home (corner turned down on purpose so you can see the backing):

I guess Mom really likes it, since she promptly asked me to make her another quilt.

Once I got home Missouri, I resumed construction of the Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt. Here are steps 4 and 5, completed:

Bonnie says we're going to start putting blocks together this week - I can't wait!

On the subject of quilts, here's one more note about Springfield: the FM store is like fabric heaven. Most quilting cotton is 3.99/yard. They had home dec weight silk, 54" wide, for $7.99/yard. I had to be forcibly pried out of there, and I found a way to go back the next day. My parents are shipping me a box full of fabric. I'll post new stash pictures once it arrives.

Trent and I also took a day trip to Branson, just so he could appreciate its tacky grandeur. Because he is a wonderful, wonderful husband, he actually pulled over when I spotted a quilt store. But he couldn't resist expressing his disapproval (he's been taking lessons from the disapproving rabbits):

I just couldn't resist.

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Blogger Camera Obscura said...

What, nothing about how hauling your niece into F&M got you stuck with another messenger bag project?

(Or how you finally found a family member who could squee in Japanese with you?)

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melinda, somewhere below you say no one else is reading this. WELL! I have & must say adding new words to my vocabulary was an unexpected bonus. Thanks for "embigify" and a couple of others that I'm prevented from quoting due to my massivie brain farting.
Anyhoo, keep on writing -- it's well worth the effort, I promise.

I'll even try to emulate your entertainment qualities.
Jay in SoCal

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Randrew said...

And nothing about being rescued after your delightful walk on the greenway since I was the only one who knew the way home?

Love ya,

12:59 PM  
Blogger Linda 'K' said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom! Anything to do with Moms being sick is always scary! Did you see that I sewed? And not only sewed, but hand-quilted? Hmmmmm? There's hope for me yet!

So I'm finally in Amsterdam. What's the name of that Hoopsnargle thing you said you love? (Lost my note..) Could it be Stroopwaffle?

8:20 AM  
Blogger Melinda said...

Linda: Yes! Stroopwaffle! They are the cookies of great goodness.

You want to want to quilt....

10:17 AM  

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