Tuesday, September 09, 2008

There and back again

So, I went to Switzerland.

It's a very pretty country. I have no real idea what it's like to travel there, because I spent all my time in a large tour group. I don't know how the herd all those Swiss dairy cows, but for us they had guides clad in matching blazers with jaunty scarves and signs with our group number. If I never, ever ride another tour bus again, it will be too soon. I was there for 6 days, and I selected exactly one meal for myself (I don't count the breakfast buffet at the hotel). My favorite bits were a hike above Interlaken (the last two pictures above) and the trip to St. Gallen, with its textile museum and Abbey library (the link is to a .pdf file about the library).

After Switzerland, I took a train (10+ hours) to Rotterdam to meet up with my beloved Trent and his merry band of students. It felt like going home (but with fewer pets) because I've traveled in the Netherlands so much. Also, Trent and the students are staying in a very homey hotel, the Hotel Baan. While they had class in the morning, I wandered all over Rotterdam (except on Thursday, when I biked to Delft). I got to go on outings and field trips with the students, too, so I got to experience the Pancake Boat cruise, and the Hoge Veluwe and Kroller-Muller museum. We stayed in Arnhem after that visit, and to our delight learned that the Arnhem was hosting the International Living Statue competition. Yeah, I didn't know that existed either. I had a great time. I love Rotterdam. I generally love the Netherlands. I miss my husband.

I took very few pictures, because I was having far too much fun (also, Trent takes millions of pictures).

Since my return, it's been pets, work, and knitting, in pretty much that order. I'll inflict pet and project photos on the blog at a future date.

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Anonymous Ryan said...

Learning about such things as the International Living Statue Competition is what makes reading blogs all worthwhile!

Glad you had a good time. Switzerland is my most favorite country ever so I might possibly be feeling a twinge or two of jealousy.

9:26 AM  

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