Monday, October 20, 2008

Happiness and woe

I finally blocked the eye searing pink shawl, with some help from Peggy and Rebecca.

We didn't wet block it, since it's already freakin' huge. We pinned out the loops on the edge, very gently straightening and stretching, and then misted it with warm water. It's been done for several days, and I could have retrieved it tonight at the Feral Knitters meeting, but my car is in the shop (woe).

I also finished another Knit Along project, this time Cozy Socks for Kids (from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders). These are out of Cascade 220 superwash.

On a bookstore trip, I fell in love with some of the critters in the Tamie Snow's book Tiny Yarn Animals, so of course I had to get the book, even though my crochet skillz are sad. I really bought the book for the lemur, but I started with the elephant. He came out cute, and rather charmingly crooked.

Now I'm working on a lemur. At some point this evening, after 2.5 hours on the couch crocheting lemur bits, I found myself thinking that I could have used the time for something useful, like a sweater, or sewing, or house cleaning. But then I said lemur lemur lemur lemur lemur until I started giggling.

I've been working many days in a row (woe). My boss is very sick, and since we have a wee staff, that means I'm in the trenches until she's back on her feet. Since my car is in the shop, she's sending her husband to pick me up in the morning - that's the upside of working for a wee company.

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