Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This is my score for technical performance last night. Remember how I decided to knit a front first? Remember how I proudly announced that I was finished, and totally on schedule with the back? Well, when I started to knit the left front, I looked at the directions (shocking, I know) and I realized I had forgotten something really crucial on the right front: the neck shaping. I am an idiot. How did I not notice this sooner? I knit the left front per the DIRECTIONS so kindly provided by Cheryl Oberle, then I ripped back the right front so I could reknit with, you know, a neck.

Following the directions resulted in the fronts ending up ten rows longer than the backs, so I also had to add to the back. Happily, those stitches were on a holder and easily accessible. So, now I'm finally done with knitting the body and will proceed with the bands, assuming I can manage to follow the directions and defend my knitting spot from Stella, who moves into it at every opportunity. (Note: I'm sure the glass of wine has nothing to do with my previous screw up, nothing at all.)

Olympic Updates:

As of 8:45 AM Tuesday, Nancy reports "Meanwhile, I am only 3/4 of the first sock toward Olympic Victory. It's looking more like an ice dancer on her tush than gold for me." We haven't received any reports from camp Dorothy. Perhaps, like Irina Slutskaya, she prefers to keep her strategy a secret. When last we heard from Kathleen, she was plugging along toward her 23 (!) items, but running into minor difficulties with preemie bootie sizing. I've had no word at all from Jamie.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere: as of last Friday, Ryan declared "What was I thinking?!" Poor Jessica at Rose-Kim Knits is going to run out of yarn, so if anyone has any Cash Iroha #14 running around, go to her blog and help the poor woman. Patti has not quite managed her Olympic goal of fun everyday, but she's going out for sushi on her birthday, so hey, that's good. Most impressively, Elaine, who is making Estonian lace (with p5tog nupps!!) is right on schedule. Go, Elaine!

And, of course, our original inspiration, The Yarn Harlot, is having a bit of a meltdown. But I have faith that she'll make it, and that she'll be really funny when she hasn't had any sleep for 4 days straight.


Anonymous Elaine said...

you get a 10 for best picture! Stella also gets high marks for sneaking into the warm spot. Smart dog! I took a peek at your Louet, comparing it to my 20 year old one. I'm surprised that the only difference is the tension lock - mine's plastic.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...


6:47 PM  
Anonymous Patti said...

Kidlet gave me the first 2 of 8 presents this morning already - he's making sure today is fun!

Your picture is too cute!

10:17 AM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

I got derailed and have been completing a shell and trellis stitch baby afghan instead.

We just knew my friend Jenn was having a boy and I made a beautiful turquoise afghan for him... then on Feb 15, a beautiful baby girl blessing arrived.

So, I've gotten 10 Olympic items completed, and I am 3/4 the way through a 36x40 baby afghan for Jenn's new baby girl.

Since the Closing Ceremonies are Sunday evening, I am sure I can make my Olympic finish! I am taking my younger son and his friend to the snowboard area and I plan on spending the entire day eating and crocheting/looming! :)

Dorothy and family are on a vacation this week. It is a driving vacation and I believe she planned to knit along the way. I'm sure she'll check in when she gets home.

3:31 PM  

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