Monday, February 20, 2006

The fun never stops

My Weekend

11:54 PM (Friday night): time of last blog post

1:17 AM (Saturday morning): last look at clock before falling asleep.

6:00 AM: Hit snooze button

6:09 AM: Beat alarm clock. Contemplate "accidentally" oversleeping and missing the Saturday morning presentations. Get up anyway. Drink tea. Realize there's no cream cheese for bagels.

6:45 AM: McDonald's drive-through for breakfast. Mmmm, I can feel my arteries clogging.

7:30 AM: Arrive at work, cursing god. Check email. Drink tea in an attempt to wake up before listening to student presentations.

8:00 - 10:05 AM: Presentations. I become surly when students run over their allotted time and exhibit failure to answer questions concisely.

11:45 - 1:30 or so: Dog park for work day. Why do I always forget that shoveling wood chips is hard work?

2:30 - 6:00: Nap.

7:00 - 11:00 PM: Dinner at Roger and Avril's. Avril finally worked up the courage to felt her Marsupial tote. Here are before and after pictures:

I'm really concerned about Avril. She finished all her knitting projects. She has nothing on needles, and no yarn. I felt genuinely distressed, and was ready to make an emergency run to Fred Meyer's with her, but she didn't seem disturbed. She said she'd go to the yarn store on Sunday or Monday. I find this blasé attitude bewildering. How can she stand it? Doesn’t her life feel strangely empty? Aren’t her fingers restless?

Meanwhile, Roger and Trent contentedly played guitar, and I kept on with the Clock vest.

10:ish Sunday AM: Pry myself out of bed. Everything hurts (shoveling, remember?). Take two ibuprofen, drink tea, eat oatmeal, and commence grading.

5:00 PM: Grading break because our friend Jenine is over for dinner. Jenine is embarking on a Big Life Adventure: she's moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas to take a job at the Fayetteville Public Library as a youth services librarian. We'll miss her, but we're thrilled that she found a job where they really love her for the quirky, creative person that she is. Here's Trent trying to give Jenine a going-away present (she doesn't drink AT ALL, so this is a running joke):

7:15 - 12:00: Resume grading, now in front of the television. I could grade more efficiently without the TV, but I want to watch ice dancing. I eventually manage to wade through all the remaining final exams, papers, and miscellaneous stuff for the graduating seniors. I even take a couple of knitting breaks.

12:45 AM: Submit grades.

1:15 AM: Stare longingly at the spinning wheels. Curse the Knitting Olympics. Check real Olympics broadcast schedule, and seriously, but briefly, consider getting back up at 5:00 AM to watch the men's curling team take on Canada. Give up and go to bed.

In Other News:

I'm almost done with the back of the vest. I'm sick of it. It's a good thing I'm doing this on a deadline, because otherwise it would go into unloved project purgatory for several months (or possibly longer). I miss spinning. I miss mindlessly knitting in circles around a sock. I miss starting new things. I miss my fair isle vest and my gorgeous Norsk Strikkedesign sweater. I only have to go into work today, Thursday evening, and then Friday for graduation, and I'm thinking that even with grading I should be able to get the damn vest finished in time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At work, my cheese pimp, Meghan told me that she used my idea over hte weekend, about featuring cheese from near Turin, and then she made some remark about "but I didn't make up any lies about the Shroud..." I cut her to the bone with a withering look--"stories? fabrications?. . ." she responded. I gave her a serious talking-to about the Very Real Security Risks of leaving the Shroud in Italy at such a time, and even told her of my Many Conversations and Close Personal Friendships with Tom Ridge an Michael Chertoff, which normally I would not disclose, of course, and their insistence upon my role as Guardian of the Treasure. People think that just because they are young they know how the world works. Lies, indeed!

Meanwhile, I am only 3/4 of the first sock toward Olympic Victory. It's looking more like an ice dancer on her tush than gold for me.

8:45 AM  

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