Thursday, February 23, 2006

Texty update

Olympic Knitting

All I have left to do on the vest is armhole facings, sewing in the ends, and attaching the buttons. Oh, and going back to Acorn Street to buy another button (because not only can I not follow directions, I also can't count). And blocking. It won't be dry by closing ceremonies, but it will be on the drying rack.

Nancy will complete one sock (yes, you will - I know you can!).

I cheated on my Olympic Knitting today and cast on a Dulaan project.


It's finals week. Out of a class with only 13 students enrolled, four have flaked out on the final. Three of them vaporized two or three weeks ago, but the last one appeared to have done all the work through last week, so I have no idea why she's suddenly vanished. I really don't understand students sometimes.

I'm very, very tired of evaluating writing. I think I'm going to wallow in romance novels during my spring break.


TMK and Ryan are going to come over sometime this weekend to wind TMK's yarn into a ball using an official swift and ball winder. (Ryan says that TMK feels that a hand-wound ball just won't do.) I'll record the event for posterity.


Blogger Dorothy said...

Romance novels, eh? got any good ones to recommend?

We just got back from a ski and knit vacation. There is a gold medal knitter in my family! not me, at least not yet, my sleeves are only one-third done. ack! Details to come.

I also started a Dulaan project, a cloud hat. Dear son caught me knitting it and insisted I hand it over for him to work on and get back to my tedious neverending sleeves.

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