Thursday, April 13, 2006


It's been an eventful week. Highlights:

1. Frankendog. Chloe had some mysterious skin growths that made the vet slightly nervous. Since she had to have anaesthesia anyway to get her teeth cleaned, we decided to have them removed. They all turned out to be benign, which is good, but poor Chloe now looks decidely stitched together. (Trent's comment: "So, it was basically an operation to remove money from our pocket?")

2. New tires. It turns out that all the things I thought were wrong with the alignment, suspension, and brakes were caused by the near-death state of our former tires. Kudos, incidentally, to Les Schwab for their friendly and efficient employees, who did not try to sell me anything I didn't need. While I waited, I worked on my Cirque du Socks pink sparkly socks, much to the amazement of the woman sitting next to me in the waiting room.

3. The completely delightful Elaine came over for dinner (lamb stew with apricots) and to record an interview with Trent for one of the distance classes he's teaching. She even brought us flowers...

4. ...which you can see here. Poor Trent has been working his tail off. (See, honey, this is what happens when you make funny faces when I'm taking pictures - they end up in the blogosphere.)

5. I had what my dear doctor refers to as my "oil change and tune-up." It seemed pokier and more uncomfortable than usual. I took the rest of the day (Wednesday) off because, dammit, a girl needs a mental health day sometimes. (And also so I could stay home and make sure Chloe didn't scratch her stitches open.)

6. We went to a KEXP member event on Tuesday, the band Elbow at the Triple Door. It was fun, and they were pretty good.

I've been mainly knittng furry green alien slippers. I'm planning to felt tomorrow (it's a holiday for me) so I'll have before and after pictures. Tomorrow's planned activities also include visiting Dorothy to loan her and Zach some sock books. The dogs will need to go to the park, too. Stella's getting that scary look in her eyes...


Blogger Dorothy said...

poor dog. but good that she's OK.
poor lamb. but tasty for you.
poor car. I've been impressed with Les Schwab also.
Not poor me, cuz you're coming to visit this afternoon!

9:09 AM  

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