Sunday, April 02, 2006

Corrupting influence

The WIPs

I've always had the impression, from the way other knitters talk about their WIPs on various forums, that I have a fairly moderate number of WIPs. Reasonable, even. I was shocked (shocked!) to discover that I was on the high end of Elspeth's WIP It Out day. A couple of others (including Elspeth!) had as many listed as I did, but most of the folks who participated had 4 or 5, which hardly seems worth counting to me. I suspect that those who have more just didn't participate.

I have ripped the pi shawl, so I'm officially at 12 WIPs. This weekend I've worked on the pink sparkly socks, the ski sweater socks (I even remembered what the hell I was doing), the Dulaan cloud sweater (sleeve started), and Carpathian Black Roses. My theory is that I'll work on lots of things in rotation, and then suddenly, miraculously appear to silmultaneously complete several projects.

Cirque du Socks update: I've finished sock 1 (ends are even sewn in) and started sock 2, on display here.

Knit and Natter
Patti came by on Saturday with her charming kidlet. We discussed 2 circ technique, and she did try again, but concluded that she just hates it. So I bought her size 1 Addis. I got to see some of her gorgeous sock yarn, and also the stretchy cotton yarn she's experimenting with. (Sidenote: Patti is a row counter. She diligently marks down each completed row of sock. I'm afraid I may have actually recoiled in horror when she told me this. But I swear I won't hold her obsessiveness against her.) I demonstrated spinning for her and kidlet, and she was very interesting. I may be swaying her over to the dark side...

Later on Saturday, Avril and Roger came over. The boys went off to Guitar Center (aren't I trusting?) and Avril and I went to Village Yarn and Tea. Sadly, the trunk show for Knitting Vintage Socks was gone, but I managed to console myself with some roving. Avril bought yarn for TWO pairs of socks, plus some smaller DPNs. You may recall my deep concern when Avril finished all her existing projects and didn't immediately start scouring her house for something else to cast on. I'm pleased to report that she's now developing a properly concerned attitude, and has, I believe, three projects on the needles. I'm so relieved.


Blogger Stephanie said...

pfffftt..only 12? that's nothin!! ;)

7:44 AM  
Blogger Camera Obscura said...

How is Avril doing vis-a-vis her health? Izzat why you were so freaked about her not starting something new?

1:32 PM  
Blogger Melinda said...

Avril is doing great. She's even started running again. I was freaked out because I'm a completely obsessive knitter with 12 projects going, and I just couldn't comprehend her blase attitude. I was totally ready to drive her over to our place to raid my yarn stash. It's would be sort of like you or a member of your immediate family finishing all their books and saying "oh, well, I'll just go to the library sometime later this month."

2:31 PM  
Anonymous MomFin said...

I refuse to count my WIPs and UFOs but I can assure you that they would cast a huge shadow over your little 12-14. I have that many in a box by my bed--never mind the walk-in closet upstairs. However, the thought of not having yarn wanting to be knitted is not to be tolerated. Must always have something to pick up or travel with.

7:33 PM  
Blogger Dharma said...

(found you via Patti)
I am not surprised at all that Patti is a row counter, not at all. You do know what she does to pay for that yarn, don't you? It fits, I tell you with authority, since my mother used to be an indexer. I vacillate between counting and holding things up against each other to measure. Of course I'm a new knitter, with a quirky bent, so who knows what will be my habit.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous MomFin said...

Okay, I feel better. I freaked when I thought you had ripped a shawl I was slobbering over. You ripped the PI, not the Northwest. It is gorgeous, even in the picture. Is it a toughy?

Now, about yarn--must have--going out later on a run. Medical stuff next week calls for long sitting and I MUST have something to work on! Sweater almost finished.

11:49 AM  

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