Wednesday, April 05, 2006

There's no news like no news

It's been a slow week thus far. That's okay with me, it just makes for boring blogging. This is all I got, folks.

1. Pink sparkly socks are on hold. I think I've injured my thumb knitting on two circs.

2. Tuesday was sunny and gorgeous. I was supposed to be grading papers. Instead I sat in the sun and spun for awhile. I also bravely headed out to the garden to do round 1 with the demon blackberries. (For those of you who don't live in the Pacific NW, blackberries are not yummy friends. They're evil, invasive, thorny, and damn stubborn brambles that will strangle your flowers and likely swallow your cat, too.) The blackberries fought back. Note to self: wear long sleeves next time. I did manage to grade 3 papers.

3. Trent brewed yesterday, so the whole house smelled like beer for about 5 hours. It's an IPA. I expect it will be ready by, oh, mid-May. Y'all come on by.

4. I got some knitting done on Trent's rainbow socks, Black Roses, Crofter's, and the Dulaan Cloud sweater. The WIP count is holding at 12, but I'm struggling not to start new things.


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