Friday, May 04, 2007

Poor, neglected blog

Work work work sleep dogs sleep work dogs sleep work sew work dogs sleep knit work dogs work etc.

Since I've been so damn useless as a blogger lately, let me entertain you with pictures!

Here are the cats, "helping" me cut out a sewing project.

Recently completed outfit. The picture doesn't show the pleats on the skirt (between ribbon and hem) very well. The blouse is a fancy rayon/poly burnout. (Obviously I wear something under it.)

It's little blouse on the prairie! Actually I love this blouse, but it is, as my friend Nancy predicted, a little prim. It's also wrinkled because I wore it to and from work that day.

Same basic pattern, but with cherries! ruffles! and rick-rack!

Finally, our household continues to be full of dogs. Briscoe the foster dog is convinced he's a lapdog. Stella alternates between being his best friend (play! play! play!) and being wildly jealous. Chloe just had to have surgery to have a growth removed . We'll get biopsy results Monday or Tuesday. It could be harmless; it could be a mast cell tumor. I'm fixedly not thinking about it.


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