Monday, April 02, 2007

Comprehensive summary

Linda K (blog here, but currently inactive) asked in the comments to my last post, "I take it you're not sleeping these days having taken on all this?" Why, yes Linda, that pretty much sums it up. Actually, my approach seems to be to continually add new responsibilities. Busy people get things done, right? (Except blog updates - sorry, peeps.)

I'm slowly oozing along on the hexagon. It still looks exactly like it looked in the last picture. I think I now have 36 rows to go. It's been back-burnered because I received the yarn for a design project I'm doing for Southwest Trading Company. It's also bright pink, plus orange. My poor eyeballs.

I am super-productive here. One dress is entirely done.

Simplicity 4050, view D, out of stash polyester plus new ribbon. Sewing on ribbon wasn't nearly as hard as I expected. I learned that you can scotch tape it to the fabric, sew over the tape, and then remove it. Cool. I wore this to a wedding on Saturday, and someone actually called it fashionable.

Dress #2 ended up being a radically overhauled Vogue pattern, also out of stash material (rayon, this time). It's done but for hems, which were pinned up yesterday. Dress #3 is out of more rayon, purchased for the project, and Simplicity 3877 (the other pattern in the post below). It needs the zipper installed and a bottom hem. It's the best looking of the current sewing binge - and it's also pink and orange (my eyes! my eyes!).

Next up, I think, is a blouse.

You may have noticed in the pictures above that there's a new dog. We're fostering Briscoe, which means that we're keeping him for the rescue organization (Rescue Every Dog) until someone adopts him permanently. He's listed as Jack on Petfinder. I'm a little unclear on exactly how or why this happened. The reasons seemed good at the time. He's sweet and fun, and endearingly clumsy. We're now going to the dog park 2 times a day on most days.

Trent and I have a maxim based on observation of academic life. Those who can, get more to do. Those who can't, don't, and get paid just the same. I'm currently chairing 4 committees. I hate committees. I hate committee meetings. Consequently, I run very efficient meetings. Everyone is awed by my efficiency, so they give me more to do. When I got one of the committees handed to me, my superviser said it was because I'm the only one she trusts. Yet, strangely, those untrustworthy colleagues seem to get raises and promotions too. (Yes, I'm bitching and whining.)


Blogger Camera Obscura said...

Looks nice (the wedding dress). I was wondering if it was going to be all caftan-y, but it's not. Very good.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Valerie said...

I'm 100% with you on meetings and I have the same experience (when you hate 'em, you run 'em fast, and when you run 'em fast, they make you do more). Argh.

The dress is very cute on you!

2:38 PM  
Anonymous perkster said...

three dogs, two cats, eight bikes, three spinning wheels, and four committees... no wonder you're spent.

i am currently working on not working so hard/much. i'll let you know if i can stomach it for long. apparently, your theorum is accurate and my productivity on a bad day is way above the curve. must slow down. must do less. must learn to look enthralled when bored by this. ugh.

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Big Brother said...

Promote Incompetence. Welcome to Corporate America kiddo. Aren't For-Profit schools so much fun?

5:22 PM  

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