Monday, February 12, 2007

Playing catch up

I'm behind, both in life and on the blog. Here's the (reasonably) short version.

Feb. 3-4: Knitting friends visit town. I spend Saturday running around with Lori and Kristin, and attending Vickie's book signing at Pacific Fabrics. They had the complete line of her yarn, which was very cool to see. Sunday, I got up and frantically finished tidying my house, and then the knitters descended at 1:00. We had Lori (from New York), Kristin (lives here), and of course Vickie, blogging her heart out.

(They're all wearing a rendition of a scarf I've designed for SWTC out of Vickie's Love yarn.) Nancy and Stacy (also local) rounded out our brave troupe of knitters. Stacy brought the nicest gifts, ever - Kiehl's hand lotion for everyone, and a six-pack of Shiner Bock for Vickie, in case she was homesick for Austin.

Vickie didn't get to have a lot of fun, because it turns out that writing blog posts while trying to simultaneously answering 500 comments is hard work.

The days from Feb. 5-9: Oh my god. So, I'm chair of a committee whose primary task is to organize the faculty development day (3 times a year) at my workplace. My mom has a favorite expression: "God so loved the world that he didn't send a committee." If only... This committee is a particularly challenging case because members are appointed rather than volunteering. As you might imagine, that means that they're not all approaching the task at hand with joy in their hearts. Also, the event itself has often been treated as a dull, punishing, and pointless day that keeps faculty from more important things, like grading and sleep. I'm doing my best to inject some enthusiasm and value into the day, but I might have better luck selling sand in Arizona. My committee members ran the gamut from helpful but uncreative to actively hostile and negative. Anyway, as a result, I spent the week chasing down details and dealing with last minute bonfires. I'm happy to report that it came off without a hitch, and then I came home and slept a long time.

The most recent weekend: Grading. Because there was knitting fun, followed by committee event planning no-fun, I've gotten a little bit behind in my classes. Okay, a lot behind. So this weekend I graded. Tonight? Grading. The foreseeable future? Take a guess.

There has been a little knitting and a little walking amongst all this. I'm up to 46.5 miles (but fatter than ever, since I'm a stress eater). The knitting looks remarkably like it did last time I took a picture of it: a rumpled mess of gray that's going to be a shawl, and a green fleece artist sock in progress for Trent.


Anonymous perkster said...

yes, but you had a rockstar knitter in your house!!! and you're fabulous and wonderful and without you, i wouldn't have knitting skillz and neither would the teens o' my community. hang in there and i promise to do the same. : ) may we knit and walk more next week to make up for the ass-kicking last week...

4:32 PM  

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