Monday, April 16, 2007

Raindrops keep falling in my bathroom

Seattle-area readers: can any of you recommend a good roofing or skylight repair company? When the rain was heavy on Saturday night, our bathroom skylight started leaking. It's way up high (recessed into the tippy point of our roof) so I'm not really sure if it's the skylight or the roof. I have neither a ladder nor the courage to get up on our roof and check it out for myself, so we'll be hiring a professional. Suggestions?

Look! More sewing!
Last week I finished a blouse. This is out of quilting cotton (Windham Feedsack III) I got at the new quilting store in Ballard, The Quilting Loft. It's made from Simplicity 3990 , with both the body and the sleeves shortened. (Tunic length on a fitted blouse = weird, as I discovered with the pale pink blouse from the last blog post.) Now that I've learned that ribbon is easy to sew on, I want to put ribbon on everything. Here, puppies....

(Yes, I know I look really, really weird in the second photo. Don't look at the nose - look at that spiffy ribbon trim! Also, the sleeves in the first photo look wrinkly because they were stuff in a cardigan earlier that day. They're actually very well set-in.)

I've also made two skirts in the last week. Sorry, no pictures. I've got two more blouses cut out of Simplicity 3893 (same pattern as the bathroom mirror shot w/cat in the last post). And there may have been some additional fabric purchases. Possibly.

There's been both knitting (the pink and orange sweater for SWTC) and spinning (some superwash I got from Crown Mountain Farms at the Seattle Knitting Expo). And dogs. Lots of dogs. (The second photo is there to demonstrate that they do sometimes chill out.)

In grumpier news
Later this week, I have to go in to work to attend a five hour training session on what would normally be a day when I get to stay home. The training is called something like "Souper Serve Us Training" (I'd really rather that my blog not show up on my employer's radar). My attitude toward this "systemwide initiative" (jargon in honor of kmkat, who was collecting jargon for tax day)? Foul. Bitter. Hateful. I'm taking my knitting because I'm afraid I'll make strangly, stabby gestures if I don't keep my hands occupied.


Anonymous Ginger said...

Sorry about the roof and the training. At least it will be good knitting time.

What color did you get of the superwash? I had such a good time at the Expo, the wool fumes were overwhelming (at least that's the excuse I'm using).

8:32 AM  
Blogger Melinda said...

Ginger, I got the "Heatwave." It's screaming red and a purple so dark it's almost black. I also hit the Reflections Farm booth and got a pound (!) of variegated blues in their yummy Romeldale roving.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous kmkat said...

Mandatory attendence on a day when you shouldn't be working? Priceless. And not in a good way.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Linda "K" said...

So are YOU the reason that Klaus at Crown Mtn. was outta the tourmaline colorway in the pencil roving when I got to the 'Spo? Baaaad girl if so.... I say yay on all the sewing stuff but don't quit your day job to sew professionally - not 'cause you're not good, you certainly are, but because I've been there and done that and you don't want to kill off the love of sewing for yourself. Not that you'd do that anyway because the pay is negligible. Missed you at Ferals - Alas I'm not off to Amsterdam after all so no stoopwhatsit cookies I'm afraid. EVER so sorry.

Linda 'K"

8:30 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I have a great roofer ~ one who actually returns phone calls AND shows up when he says he will:
Mike Harris of Righteous Roofing Co. 206-932-7663. He lives in the neighborhood, kinda (132nd and 42nd NE.) He's done our roof, twice!

8:14 AM  

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